P.h.D. in Instructional Design, Development, and Evaluation

The Doctoral program in Instructional Design, Development and Evaluation (IDD&E) helps students develop scholarly inquiry skills and practices to conduct and consume research investigating topics related to learning and performance, instructional design, development, implementation, evaluation, and management; and instructional and educational technologies.

Students develop depth of knowledge of the theories and practices used in the instructional sciences and the competencies to conduct, report, and interpret research. Through practical and research-oriented projects and experiences and an active residency program, students develop into scholars who can conduct, publish, and consume research in a variety of instructional and professional settings.

IDD&E doctoral students are prepared to enter scholarly professions. Some choose to enter an Academic Research career while others move toward senior-level Professional Practices careers that are related to the instructional sciences.

Program Contact

Rebecca Pettit, Office Coordinator
260 Huntington Hall

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