Ph.D. in Cultural Foundations of Education

The Doctoral program in Cultural Foundations of Education is designed so that students both receive a broad education and develop disciplinary tools without being restricted to a narrowly specialized program of study.

Students choose to concentrate in the history of education, philosophy of education, sociology of education, race and racism, gender and education, popular culture, or disability studies. Some of these concentrations have a more disciplinary focus (e.g., philosophy of education). Others are more interdisciplinary (e.g., disability studies or gender and education), with issues rather than fields of study propelling coursework.

CFE encourages you to participate in a variety of professional activities. If you are interested in teaching, we help you develop professional competence. Your development as a research professional will be accelerated by opportunities to work with faculty members on a variety of research and consulting activities and participate in professional conferences.

The CFE program offers particularly strong resources for training in qualitative methods. Many of our graduates find that their sophisticated training in this research approach enhances their competitiveness for university faculty or research positions.

Program Contact

Maryann Barker, Office Coordinator

Barbara Applebaum, Program Coordinator

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