B.S. in Inclusive Elementary and Special Education

Our Inclusive Elementary and Special Education program offers students the opportunity to...

  • Fulfill the academic requirements for both New York State Childhood (elementary grades 1-6) and Students with Disabilities (special education grades 1-6) teacher certification
  • Develop close relationships with professors while being part of a larger, research university. Education courses offer students the benefit of small methods classes taught by collaborative and caring faculty within a highly ranked special education program and School of Education
  • Make a difference in the lives of children through the development of a strong inclusive education philosophy and pedagogy, at a university that is considered a leader in inclusive education
  • Become a member of a student cohort that progresses through the program together, providing opportunities to create lifelong colleagues
  • Prepare to teach in 21st century classrooms through emphasis on:
    • creating socially just and culturally relevant pedagogy
    • building strong content knowledge in core subjects –mathematics, natural sciences; literacy, and social studies – along with a strong liberal arts foundation
    • engaging in rigorous professional preparation courses taught by education faculty who are content experts in these core subjects
    • developing teaching skills through immersion in many diverse field experiences across 6 semesters, beginning in the first year
  • Inclusive Program & Elementary StudentsParticipate in Bridge to the City, a program offering qualified students an option for a student teaching semester in New York City
  • Explore other cultures and communities through study abroad

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