Board of Visitors

The Board of Visitors is a nominated group of alumni and friends of the School who serve as leading ambassadors. The members meet once during each academic semester and convene in committees during the year to consult with the dean and other University leaders to develop long-lasting relationships among the school's donors and alumni.

Board Chairs
Cerri Annette Banks '00, G'04, G'06
Board of Visitors Chair
Raquel-Ann Nurse McNabb '98, G'99
Nominating Committee Chair
Cerri Banks Headshot Roxi McNabb Headshot

Board Members

  • Gregory Allen '73
  • Marcia Baldanza '86
  • Arthur Bloom '71, G'72
  • Juli Boeheim G'97
  • Joseph Cangemi G'64
  • Margaret Charters G'71
  • Frank Comfort '67
  • Carol Decker '68
  • Christopher DeVoe '79
  • Brent Elder G'14, G'16
  • Constance Foote '61, G'63
  • Sharon H. Jacquet '72
  • Timi Hecker ’92
  • Elyse Spector Kalmans
  • Alice Kendrick '70, G'73, G'93
  • Deborah Knoblock '88, G'90
  • DeBorah Little '14, G'16, G'16
  • Brooke Meltzer P'15 P'18
  • Julie Mendik '89
  • Jan Raymond '65
  • Alice Rosen '83
  • Jill Sassower '88
  • Judith Greenberg Seinfeld '56, G'57
  • Helen W. Spector '68, G'72
  • Rose Tan G'75
  • Wendy C. Thompson G'99
  • Felicia Walker '87
  • Diana Wege '76
  • Laurie Wolfert '76
  • Lauri Zell '77

Young Alumni Board Members

  • Paul Czuprynski '12, G'13
  • Florence DiGennaro '05, G'11
  • Autumn Figueroa '04, G'06
  • Karen Achtman '11
  • Angie Honess ’12, G'13
  • Melanie Lustig '13, G’14
  • Melanie Mahanna '09
  • Donna Mobley '07
  • Desiree Moore '00, G'05
  • Nicole Nguyen '08, G'14
  • Sacchi Patel '09, G'11, G'11
  • Raphael Richard, Jr. G'12
  • Tyrone Shaw '10 ,G'12
  • Dwight Stevenson G'12
  • Traci Washburn G'11

Emeritus Board Members

  • Ruth Brown '77
  • Nan P. Gordon '72
  • Gilbert R. Herer '54
  • Lynn Kreischer '66
  • Daniel G. Lowengard '72, G'73
  • Jeryl Mitchell '81, G'83
  • Joanne Monroe '76
  • Aileen Picardi '58
  • Barbara Shineman G'80
  • Nancy Schulman '73, G'78
  • Patricia Stith G'77
  • Sinforosa Tan Kaung G'75

Board of Visitors Guidelines

The Board of Visitors is the School of Education’s top alumni organization charged with:

  1. Supporting the Dean in implementing his or her vision for the direction of the School
  2. Participating in fundraising for the School with personal commitments and by assisting the Dean, and the Office of Advancement, in identifying other potential sources of support
  3. Representing the School to the larger community, including alumni, donors, University leadership and the general public

The SOE Board of Visitors shall consist of up to 40 members, including one member of the Syracuse University Board of Trustees, brought forward by a standing committee of the Board and selected by the Dean. You can nominate someone for the Board by completing the Board of Visitors Nomination Board (this information will be sent to the nomination committee for consideration).

Eligibility for membership includes affiliation with the School of Education, annual contribution to the School of $3,000 or more, and the ability to attend 2 meetings per year.

Each Board of Visitor member is appointed for a three-year term with a maximum of two consecutive terms.

For more information please contact Heather Waters, Assistant Dean for Advancement and Alumni Relations at (315) 443-7773