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Early College High School

Early College High School at Nottingham High School (NECHS) is led by Jeffery Mangram, assistant professor of teaching & leadership in the School of Education. NECHS involves partnerships between Nottingham High School, NECHS staff, Syracuse University's School of Education, Christian Brothers Academy, retired Syracuse City School District teachers, LeMoyne College, Literacy Corps, Say Yes to Education, the Woodrow Wilson Foundation and the Syracuse City School District.

NECHS seeks to improve high school graduation rates and better prepare students for college careers by:

  1. Committing to serve students underrepresented in higher education.
  2. Making higher education, the school district and community jointly accountable for student success.
  3. Developing an integrated academic program so all students earn one to two years of transferable college credits leading to college completion.
  4. Engaging all students in a comprehensive social/emotional support system that develops academic and social skills as well as behaviors and conditions necessary for college completion.
  5. Providing year-round writing, science and math institutes for teacher professional development.

NECHS is fully-inclusive, and requires a 3-5 year commitment from faculty, staff and community partners.  Learning environments contain proportionate enrollment of students with respect to race, gender, ELL and special education status.

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For more information, please contact: Jeffery Mangram, Executive Director